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These are just a few of the testimonials from our satisfied customers:

Linda and Bob, We love our new house.  It is so big (what wouldn't be after the motel room?) and the cat is even normal again.  Mike has already redesigned and completed the front yard.  The neighbors are friendly and plants and bringing flowers to us.  This kind of welcome is new to me...have never run into it like this before.  It takes me four minutes to get to work..if I make all the lights!  Six if I don't☺This is surely where we were supposed to end up.  Thanks for all your effort on our behalf.  We really appreciate it.
-Mary and Mike June 2016

Bob, Just a short note of thanks for the great job you did in finding our new home.  You were a true professional and a great asset to our home buying efforts.  As we weren't sure which area we wished to purchase in, you patiently guided us along until we found the perfect community and home.  You were knowledgable about the local communities.  We appreciated the fact that you had our best interest in mind from beginning to end.

We would have no problem recommending you to our friends and neighbors.  You and your wife, Linda make a great team."
-Linda and Wayne Hughes
January 2015

"We are both very pleased with the service we have received from Bob and Linda.  They have both consistently gone above and beyond our expectations with attention to detail and prompt follow up on any and all issues.  We would strongly recommend them to anyone who aprreciates professional and personable service".
-Bob and Arlene Fenn November 2014

"We have had the pleasure of working with Bob and Linda Stull in buying and selling our homes for many years in Whatcom County.  We believe they are a great, friendly team whose expertise in the Real Estate world has a calming way of putting people at ease at a time when questions and situations may come up that could cause a few sleepless nights.  From the initial walk through, to the listing, to the staging, to the advertising, and finally to the closing, their loyalty to their clients is apparent.  All this is accomplished with integrity and respect.  We highly recommend Bob and Linda Stull to others for expert advice concerning the buying and selling of their hom"e.
-Kari and Chrys Palmer July 2014

"Linda, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you in the purchase of my new home. You were very thorough and professional, and I especially appreciated the fact that you always made yourself available and were in constant contact. You were also very patient and I feel that you truly were working with my best interests in mind.  It would be my pleasure to recommend you to anyone I knew who were looking for a Realtor to represent them. Best Regards”       -Nancy Bjurstrom November 2010

"I have purchased and sold residential properties several times over the past thirty years.  My opinion of real estate agents was not good.  i always thought that it was incredible that anyone could go out and get a license with very little formal education.  Think about it, you're selling a home, not a bicycle, and you're going to hire someone with little or no experience?  It's amazing really, and, until I met Bob and Linda Stull, I didn't realize that there were qualified and professional agents out there.

I recently sat on a property for six months during an economic downturn, waiting and hoping for a sale.  Then, I hired Bob and Linda.  My house was sold  in less than two weeks.  Bob has been in the business for over twenty years and it shows.  Linda has not had the years that Bob has, but you would never know it.  Both of them were clearly professional, friendly, intelligent and hard working.  They know the local market like the back of their hands.  I liken my experience to the difference between shopping at Target or Nordstroms.  How much service do you want?  And how do you expect to be treated?  And how well does your agent know his or her business?  Do you want someone who is truly on your side?  These were the obvious differences I found in these agents.  Not to mention you get two agents for the price of one!  I can't say enough about my experience with Bob and Linda stull.  It was like night and day.  I only hope that I can once again find agents like these two in my next transaction, should it not be in their area.  I know it will be hard to find.

You won't be disappointed, trust me.  Hire Bob and Linda and you'll get results, and possibly some new friends.  Seriously!
-Eleanor Harbord


"My experience working with Bob and Linda has been absolutely top notch. Right from the start they listened to what my needs were and focused on houses that met many of my requirements and stayed within my price range. They pointed out options and made me see things from many perspectives. I am a single person and this whole process has been a bit overwhelming. They have been there for me through the whole process of selling my existing home and buying a new home. They have a solution to any problem that has arisen. They set up appointments with lenders saving me time on the phone and help to expedite the process. Often they stay late to sign paperwork and are always prompt to any appointment. They have stood by my side throughout this process from purchase to closing. Their emotional support and positive attitude towards complications has eased my concerns on several occasions. Their ear has always been available to discuss options and give opinions that I truly respect. With Bob's years of experience and Linda's can-do positive attitude they are truly the team that deliver. I used to complain about realtor fees and felt them unjustified. I have completely reversed my opinion on the subject and feel these folks have worked hard for their money. The knowledge they have to offer has been a great asset during this process. It has been a pleasure to work with both Bob and Linda and I highly recommend them to anyone requiring realtor services. My experience with Bob and Linda reflects well upon the Muljat Group and I am very impressed. I proudly sign this letter and look forward to my next experience with the Stull team." - Don Anderson

"We used Bob Stull when purchasing our first house in Birch Bay, then we used him and his wife Linda to sell our house there and purchase a house in Bellingham. Each time we used Bob and Linda, they always kept our best interests in mind, and their follow through on every detail was phenomenal. When going to sell our house in Birch Bay, we had some folks tell us to sell it, "For Sale By Owner," but we declined. There is so much to know when buying and selling a house, and there is no way we can stay current and abreast of all one needs to know when doing that. We knew we could trust Bob and Linda to pay attention to every detail and make sure everything was done correctly. Their service is impeccable, and they work hard for their clients." - Karen and Karl Klokkevold

"Linda and Bob Stull sold my home in a very timely manner for the exact asking price. Linda was available for me 24/7, always returned my calls. They go that "extra mile." They are very personable and really do care. They make a great team. I will recommend them every chance I get." - Loree Miller

"I have had the pleasure of working with Bob and Linda Stull this past year. Bob helped me with listing my home. He was very thorough in helping me decide on the price I should ask. Bob and Linda were conscious of my concerns and wishes regarding showing the house. There were long spans of time between showings, but they kept in contact with me. I felt comfortable at being able to call, or have them come over and discuss any questions that arose. After getting an offer on the house they were helpful in getting through to closing, taking time to help me find a new home and working around my work schedule. I felt supported by both of them and would not hesitate to recommend them to other people. - Pam Dunn